Satellite Wall Lamp, UK, Shade: Soft Black Semi Matt
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Satellite Wall Lamp, UK, Shade: Soft Black Semi Matt

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Satellite Wall Lamp, UK, Shade: Soft Black Semi Matt, Base: Black Lamp, Shade Ø22 x H28 cm, Stand Ø22 x L100 x L90 cm

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The striking, bold and playful Satellite Wall Lamp, designed by Mathieu Matégot, is available once again after a wait of nearly seventy years. With its geometrical shapes and finely-balanced arms creating outstanding sculptural aesthetics, the Satellite’s name and concept were Matégot’s tribute to the scientific progress and optimism found in post-war France. The Satellite Wall Lamp comprises two shades made from Rigitulle – Matégot’s technique of folding and bending perforated steel into an original oblong shaped lamp shade – which are mounted onto sculptural metal arms. The result is a unique interplay of transparency, weightlessness and balance, with a casting of light and shadow that is at once atmospheric and festive. The Rigitulle shades of the Satellite Wall lamp are available in Creamy White, Soft Black Semi Matte or a combination of the two, and mounted on a Soft Black Semi Matte fixture and arms. Despite the name, it can also be mounted to the ceiling to create a stunning centerpiece. Matégot’s long sought-after ‘balloons on string’ design can once again make a bold statement in any interior, whether at home, corporate workplace or in hospitality.

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