About Us

About Us
Design in our DNA

Once upon a time in Morocco

It all began with two Moroccan sisters born into a family of design lovers, with fashion designers and painters as relatives. Our family gatherings have always been occasions to talk over each other about music, film, food, and art- in other words celebrations of the creative and unconventional. Aïda and Mimi were still kids when their mother started importing homeware brands to Morocco. About 8 years ago already, we created Clay as a family for our curated selection.

Our Philosophy

A dream that travelled the world

We never thought we’d open Clay in a different country and like all the best things it happened by chance. Our friends encouraged us to open in the UAE although we’d never set foot there. It sounded tempting but surreal. When Mimi moved to Dubai, she couldn’t find the mix of classics and contemporary designs that defined our style.

It all happened in a flash

Fast forward to 2021, Aïda was just visiting Dubai for a few days when we stumbled upon a piano school that was relocating, and a few weeks later we signed our lease. What was a 5-day trip with a small suitcase in hand, became a three-month journey to setting up a business in another continent.

Meet our Amazing Team

A surprisingly smooth start was followed by tougher moments. A few leaks and many IT bugs later, we opened the doors of Clay Dubai during the design week of November 2022. None of this dream would be possible without our amazing girls’ team who took the risk of jumping on this crazy wagon with us. The road may be bumpy, but what a ride it's been! As much as the objects are important, the energy and attitude we bring to work is what keeps us going. Managing interior design projects and a multi-brand retail business is intense, but our company spirit remains playful and matches our personalities.

Our Partners

Designers & Brands

More than objects, these treasures tell stories. We’ve been honored to form friendships with the fascinating people behind them. Our partners are uncompromising about the quality and sustainability of materials, never sacrificing creativity, beauty, or function.

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