Epic Coffee Table, Midnight Black Steel Ø80

Epic Coffee Table, Midnight Black Steel Ø80

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Epic Coffee Table, Midnight Black Steel Ø80

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Named after the epic poems of ancient times, GamFratesi’s Epic Table for GUBI is a sculp- tural piece of furniture inspired by Greek columns and Roman architecture. Originally made in Italy from travertine stone, the table’s new variant marks the first time GamFratesi has worked with steel plates, which are galvanized, lacquered, and then treated with a series of hand-fin- ishing processes to create a unique surface expression for each table. The table’s monolithic form remains, now with an industrial expression, in which a new detail can be discovered with every use. The collection brings personality to private settings and an intriguing sense of weight and tactility to public and hospitality spaces, where its resilient surfaces offer exceptional levels of durability. The varying heights and diameters within the Epic Table Collection mean a single monochromatic table can stand alone or be combined in dynamic clusters of varying material, height and color.

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Dimensions 80 × 38.5 cm

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